Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let's Pretend!

DeLaynie is highly imaginative. She loves to play pretend. At any given moment in our house, you can hear her yelling, "With the power to read, I can save the day!" just before jumping onto the couch. (This is, of course, a line from Super Why, one of her absolute favorite shows.) He other favorite line is, "I just loooooove being a princess!" I'm not sure where that comes from. She's been saying it a lot, and I think that it's a DeLaynie original.

She has a Go, Diego, Go! animal rescue center that someone from my dad's church generously gave her. I love listening to the conversations between Baby Jaguar and the bear cub. They're always talking about some adventure.

In the same vein, she hs been dressing up lately. She will play with whatever is available, such as Edwin's socks, underwear, and almost his shirt. See below.

In Ella-related news, she actually answered "Yes," today! Normally, she answers "No," while vigorously shaking her head, no matter how badly she wants what I'm asking her about. She must have really wanted those animal crackers, though, because she was quite excited about her answer in the affirmative. Her facial expressions are always able to make me giggle. For example...

Well, maybe it's just because I'm her mother, but I love her little faces. Or maybe they're not so little. I love her face. We'll go with that.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I sure have missed you all this week! But I know I have to wean myself because I am afraid soon you will be leaving to wherever God has planned to open the door wide for you all and it will be the perfect place!!!! But I love the pictures! See you soon. GIGI

andiewade said...

i really miss those kiddos.

The Byrd's Nest said...

I LOVE this post! You KNOW how much I love Ella's expressions...she cracks me up. I am curious to see what she has to say when she starts out world!

DeLaynie is so much like Emma and Lottie and their vivid imaginations. I love listening to them pretend outside their door. In the beginning most of it was from TV...then they began branching out on their