Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to Make a Photo Canvas

Blog #1 of the Imperfectly Pinterest series.

Edwin requested some Scripture for his office walls as a birthday gift. This is how he became the first family victim of Pinterest. I found the perfect tutorial on a friend's board, and decided to put it to use as a birthday gift for my wonderful hubby.

Here's how it went:

1. Get your supplies together. You'll need-
as many blank canvases as you need (I went with 8x10)
photos printed in the same size as the canvas (You may need to trim the adges. The photos should be slightly smaller than the canvas)
Mod Podge
Brushes, I went with sponge brushes
Black paint
Ribbon or (better) scrapbook paper (If you use ribbon, I have come to the realization that it would be best to prime the edges and sides of the canvas with the black paint in order to reduce the appearance of gaps.)

2.. Mod Podge the canvas. I just used the extremely cheap sponge brushes.

2. Press the photo onto the canvas.

3. Turn over the canvas, and press out all of the air bubbles.

4. Mod Podge the sides.

5. Cover the sides with ribbon or 4 strips of scrapbook paper cut to almost the same size as each edge. I now realize that the scrapbook paper works better.

6. Mod Podge the whole photo. I used a thick coat and made a circular motion that made the appearance of brush strokes. That works well.

7. Let it dry... Then dry sponge the edges with the black paint. I first used a sponge brush, but I then discovered that a makeup applicator sponge is much better at getting the light effect around the edges.

8. Allow to dry. Be extremely happy with your results, no matter how imperfect they are.
The photo below demonstrates the difference between the sponge brush application and the makeup sponge application.

Make sure that you check out the original, and far more perfect, instructions on Blue Cricket Designs. Edwin was extremely happy with his birthday gift, which was really the point, after all.


TJ bell-huddle said...

hello plez look at my blog
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William said...

That looks amazing Hannah! WOW!

It'sjustme said...

This is great! Especially in the run up to Christmas, I've been looking for present inspiration!