Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear Colt McCoy,

(I know. I'm an Alabama fan. I shouldn't be writing fan letters to the other team's quarterback. But I'm a Christian before a football fan, and I would be amiss to not use this opportunity to recognize a testimony of God's grace and power in the life of one of His people.)

I know that this is not how you imagined your last game in college football. I know that the disappointment must be overwhelming. I am very sorry that you ended your college career helplessly on the sideline.

I have to say, though, that it points to the sovereignty of our God that He authored such a complete testimony from a single player's life. We've seen you win with grace. We've seen you lose with grace. Now we've seen you sit out with grace. The last is definitely the greatest challenge, but you rose to that challenge. As your Christian sister, I am grateful for your faithfulness. Thank you for using every opportunity to speak with grace, and for not missing a chance to point to the One who matters above all else.

I'm an Alabama fan, so I was very happy to see my team win. But I gained the most pride from you, Mr. McCoy. Keep standing on the Rock, dear brother. See you in the NFL!

Hannah A.


Falyn & Joyanne said...

O Hannah, I love this! I wish I would have thought of it first;) If you don't mind I might post a similar letter on my own blog...I wanted to blog about yesterday's events so that I can remember the first time I saw the Tide claim a national championship, and I would love to add something like this in. It didn't surprise me to hear McCoy's words last night but I know it pleased our Father. What a sweet word from a frustrated college boy. It gives me hope and challenges me to meet my own frustrating situations with similar grace and assurance in my Father. LOVE my Crimson boys, LOVE the 13th Nt'l Championship, LOVE my Savior and the author of salvation more than I could ever love anything else, Way to Go Colt!!

Kristen said...


You have such a way with is an amazing gift and you use this gift for such a wonderful cause....Our Lord.

Colt McCoy has proven himself (time and time again) not only to be a great ball player, but also a faithful servant of the Lord. His grace (the grace you spokeabout) speaks volumes of the wonderful things our God can do. Our God is in control of all things and if we are humble enough to recognize this, we too, will be blessed with the amazing grace displayed by Colt McCoy.

Thanks for recogniing this, Hannah. And thanks for putting such well-thought words to his amazing testimony.

--Kristen Davis

The Byrd's Nest said... KNOW I love this! I agree with every word....I love how He loves and promotes His Savior!

I can dream about all athletes giving the glory to Him which is where it many of them attribute their talents to their own self. Not Colt. God will bless him...this I know.

P.S. I would love for boys such as these to come into my daughter's lives as well;)

ali.ashraf said...

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