Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Smell of Death

We've been skunked! Thoroughly, unrelentingly skunked!

My initial reaction was guilt enveloped by denial. We're well passed that point now. We have recently learned that our house has had a long, sordid history with skunks, and that it has nothing to do with how much I clean the house or how domestic I am. So don't judge me, or I may just send the skunk to your house.

The good news is that it isn't dead. When a dead skunk decays, the smell can literally run you out of your house. The bad news is that we can't find the demonic thing in order to get rid of it. The other bad news is that our skunk may actually be a family of skunks.

We called in a wildlife control guy, who set some traps, but all we've managed to do so far is feed the skunk(s). He came back and re-baited the trap and we're hoping that tonight will be the last night that demon-skunk is with us.

Or else we'll become "the stinky people"... and we'll have no friends... and no one will visit... and my daughters will die old maids...

Maybe I should try some positive thinking. "We will trap the skunk. We will trap the skunk. Oh, please God, let us trap the skunk!"


Hanni said...

Oh my goodness, you poor thing, that is just terrible, I do hope you will have luck this time, I will keep my fingers crossed.

Samiantha said...

oh no! hah well, i wish you luck!

Y Watts said...

Did they catch 'em yet! I hope so. I had a recent skunk issue when a lone rascal tried to set up his winter retreat in my garage. I googled "how to get rid of a skunk amicably"; I'm glad to say that soaking a rag in ammonia (a smell that rivals his own), left inside the garage worked. Thank God that he did not leave his infamous scent behind in return.