Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When I Listen to Michael Buble...

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, which included many romantic additions to my day. My husband began my morning with a cinnamelt from McDonald's, which doesn't sound like much until you take into consideration the fact that the trip to and from McDonald's is thirty minutes or more. I also received 3 Hershey's Cookies and Cream bars at the end of the day.

In between those treats, the Valentine's Day party at DeLaynie's school, and getting pulled over by Border Patrol for accidentally making a U-turn just before a check point (oops!), I went for a walk. Seeing as it was Valentine's Day, I chose Michael Buble's album, "Crazy Love: Hollywood Edition" as my walking accompaniment. Whenever I listen to Mr. Buble, I imagine what I would be doing if not a Christian. If not for Christ, I am absolutely positive that I would be a lounge singer, with loose ties to non-violent crime, and I would be wearing these shoes:
Product Image

And allow me to say, my rendition of "Baby (You've Got What it Takes)" would rock your world. Then, of course, I am reminded of the bazillions of reasons that I'm not a lounge singer. At the top of that list is the fact that I am, in fact, a Christian, and I think it would be pretty difficult to glorify Christ to the greatest measure if I were a lounge singer. (To all of you Christian lounge singers out there, allow me to encourage you to use your career to the glory of Christ, just as long as it doesn't lead you into sin, because I know just how common of a struggle that is.)

And that's what happens when I listen to Michael Buble.


scfinder said...

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mandyc said...

I love the shoes, love the music and love the honesty. I laughed because if I could sing really well and I wasn't a christian well I would be rocking it out on stage somewhere and I wouldn't necessarily be lifting up my savior, rather lifting up my own self. As it is, I am content to rock it out with my three small kids at home who think that I am pretty awesome......... :)

WingAbouts said...

Fabulous shoes! Thanks for the reminder that whatever our talents, they ALL need to be used for the glory of God - singing, baking, gardening, parenting, ETC! - Barbara, aka WingAbouts