Monday, February 15, 2010

Impromptu Valentine's Day Party

DeLaynie had a party at school on Friday. I didn't go because I knew that she would turn into a totally different child, and wouldn't be able to enjoy the party. In order to prepare for the day, she got her wiggles out by jumping on a mattress, a good idea in my estimation. She's such a planner.

When DeLaynie arrived home, she brought several treats with her, including two suckers. DeLaynie got to choose which to enjoy herself and which one to share with Ella, though they would swap later. (Altogether now, "Ewwwwe!")

There came a point when I thought that Ella was done with her sucker. She quickly corrected me.So I returned it.
We had several bracelets left over from the treat bags we sent to school, so we played a game of ring "toss"

DeLaynie and Ella did a marvelous job taking turns. Okay, maybe Ella struggled a tad bit with the concept, but she chucked her rings so fast that it really wasn't an issue. DeLaynie would gather them back up for her and return them after she had her turn.

We also had a few balloons left over, which really got the party hopping. It constantly amazes me how much kids love to play with balloons.

I also have a tendency to forget how emotionally attached they can get. As each one popped, we mourned for a few minutes. Suzu did her best to console the very sensitive older child, who seemed to take it the hardest.Despite the seemingly inevitable emotional breakdowns,

fun definitely conquered drama for the majority of our mini-party.

It was a fun afternoon with my two little Valentines.
Edwin and I haven't had a chance to officially celebrate Valentine's Day (whoever planned out the calender is most definitely not a pastor's wife), or our anniversary, for that matter (it was also on Sunday). I'm sure that we'll get around to it eventually. Maybe by next Valentine's Day?

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The Byrd's Nest said...

Why do kids act this way with balloons? They love them so much....sometimes at our church here the SS teacher's give them a balloon at the end of the class. Well, when you have to walk 2 miles home chances are the balloon isn't going to make it....they pop or blow away and then the sad little child doesn't want to walk either you stand in the middle of San Jose or pick them up and carry them the rest of the way in the hot sun. (Wow...I think you hit a

Of course, my favorite picture if Ella in a rage....I must be sick and twisted but she is so darn cute when she is angry!

DeLaynie is ALWAYS super sweet when playing games....always lets others have their way. She is will make many many friends. She is precious.