Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Update Salad

I know that I haven't blogged lately. There haven't been many photo opportunities because of runny little noses. We haven't been playing outside, and there really aren't many pictures to be taken inside. Here are the ones that we could get:

I'm not sure why Ella was so fond of the pajama-tutu combo, but it is awfully cute, except for the pizza sauce all over her face. I made the tutu almost a year ago, and five moves later, it's still in use. Actually, the post I wrote on the tutu process is the most popular one that I've ever written. I'm relieved to see that it doesn't fall apart after a couple of wears.

On the dieting front, I'm a pound away from the 10-pound goal for the first half of the competition. The deadline for the first half is in March, so I have some time to lose the final pound. Although I'm not highly optimistic regarding our chances of winning (we're the lightest team by almost 100 pounds!), it's a very good thing that I have the accountability of having the results printed in the local paper. I would have ended the weight-loss process a month ago.

continues to do well developmentally. She is using more sentences, asking more questions, and focusing longer in conversation. She's trying more foods, and sleeping without a pull-up.

Ella is messy, curious, and hilarious. She's always into something, and she's eating almost everything, including Play-Doh and crayons. We're, uh, working on that.

I hope to have more updates soon, maybe with some creatively worded anecdotes. Now I need to get back to mothering, house-wifing, and weight-losing.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love the tutu and pj combination!!!

Glad to hear everything is going good!

I love you and miss you all so very much!!!


The Byrd's Nest said...

Hannah...I am so proud of you...10 pounds is awesome! Ugh...Greg and I need to lose weight...what kind of diet are you following?

I love the tutu even the dirty little is just Ella...this is what we love about her!

I am so proud of DeLaynie it sounds as if she is working so very hard and is her hair turning the color of yours? It seems darker...she is beautiful.