Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why Were You Born?

I saw it on Facebook this week. It's a quiz that will tell you why you were born. The answers are always deeply profound, such as, "You were born to be in love." Well, thank you, random Facebook application. All of my questions are now answered. (No. I didn't take the quiz to discover that I was born to be in love. I saw it on a friend's profile.)

Why would anyone be born to be in love? What kind of an answer is that? That's essentially saying, "You were born to find emotional contentment by going from relationship to relationship, because unless you feel 'in love,' you are not accomplishing your purpose."

Here are my questions for the application:
  • By assuming that everyone has a purpose in being born, you are assuming that there is something or Someone who instilled that purpose. Why do you then ignore that something or Someone when it comes to the purpose itself?
  • Who are you to determine my purpose? Heck! Who are you at all?
  • How is it that you convinced people to hand over all of their profile information to get a fortune cookie answer to the largest question a person could possibly ask? (You have great con-man potential.)
Okay, ranting over. Allow me to present the best answer I have found to this question:

You were created for Him. (Col. 1:16; Rev. 4:11)

Your Creator is your purpose. His pleasure is your highest calling. His service is your privilege. Everything else is His grace to you. Period. (Maybe I should make a Facebook app?)

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The Byrd's Nest said...

You SHOULD make a fb application!!! I see those things sometimes and it really makes me wonder if people believe these??? Hugs!