Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ella's New Year's Resolution

This year I decided to force my own goals for Ella onto her. Her resolution for 2011 is to be potty trained (completely) by her third birthday. She's really committed... Okay, not so much.

It really helps to say the phrase, "just like DeLaynie" as often as possible.

"You need to go in the big-girl potty... just like DeLaynie."

"You're going to get to wear big-girl underpants... just like DeLaynie."

"If you have one more accident, I'm going to throw a giant temper tantrum... just like DeLaynie."

(The phrase is a pay-off for Ella, not a way of comparing her to her older sister. Ella would love nothing more than to be just like her big sister.)

She gets the concept, but just like DeLaynie, she can be too lazy to actually stop what she's doing and go to the potty. DeLaynie, however, can hold it way longer than Ella. We're using the old stand-by (M&Ms) as a reward for using the potty, which really seems to click with her. The only slight issue is that she tries to go a little bit at a time to get more candy. That's not like DeLaynie at all.

So that's my two-year-old's New Year's Resolution, even if I seem to be much more resolved than she.


Ten Coffee Day said...

Ah, the joys of potty training. As a second time parent I'm already dreading having to one day potty train my now 7 month old son.


Pablo said...

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Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Now there's an idea! If only my kids will follow through with my resolutions for them better than I do my own..lol

superman said...

That's good idea.

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