Saturday, February 5, 2011

We're Those Freaks Who Like Winter

I know that there are many southerners who are currently experiencing something quite similar to winter weather. We Northern New Yorkers also experienced a wee-bit of snow that actually caused school to be cancelled for the first time since we moved here. I'm not sure about exact numbers, but I know that my front steps completely disappeared.

It's warm today, which means we will be getting out and enjoying the winter wonderland God has graciously given us. Edwin helped the girls dig a tunnel through the snow yesterday, and they have new boogie boards that are begging to go down a hill.

Before we get to the good stuff (photographic evidence that my children are, in fact, still alive), I thought that I would throw this little tid-bit in: Since the school parking lot has to be plowed several times a week, the school uses the giant pile of snow for the younger children to play on during recess. They have a number of sleds and boogie boards upon which the little ones slide down the snow drift. Of course, this activity is reserved for warm days. (Warm= 20 degrees or above).

We like to use the cellar door as a mini-sledding hill. Ella is a scaredy-cat, and the teeny-tiny-ness of it is comforting to her, so she can actually enjoy it.

I know that this is a lousy picture, but I just didn't get a good one of DeLaynie that day.

I thought that I should show you that DeLaynie's face hasn't frozen off... yet.


Emma Major said...

we love winter as well, but then I very much enjoy each day and the blessings it gives me, no matter what the weather. emma, new follower

Anonymous said...

Love the new boogie boards! Wish I was there to sled with you!

Love you,


Anonymous said...

What a cute story! I'm a new yorker living in VA. The snowfall on December 26th made history here. I sometimes miss my time in upstate NY. Snowfall and ice were the norm. But there were also clear skies sparkling with stars and lots of wildlife. It was breathtaking at times.

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God bless.