Monday, April 18, 2011

Sometimes a Beggar

My daughter, DeLaynie, has become a beggar.  DeLaynie came home with a shell a month ago, and we couldn't figure out where it came from. She said that her teacher gave it to her, but her teacher couldn't have given one to every child, could she?

Last night she asked her AWANA teacher for the toy that they were using in class. After kindly explaining that it wasn't her toy to give, that it belonged to her mother and she was just borrowing it, DeLaynie invited her to dinner. "And bring the dog, please."

I'm not sure from whence this manipulation comes. I do know that it is proving profitable in her young life. Today she came home with a toucan. When asked how she obtained it, she told us that her speech teacher gave it to her. When we asked why her teacher gave it to her, she answered with much cuteness, "Because I love it."

Well, that's certainly true. 

I'm thinking about sending the following note to school, Sunday School, and Cubbies class at AWANA:

Dear loving teachers,
        Please do not give DeLaynie the toys for which she begs. I'm afraid that you're merely a part of her manipulation ring. Her cuteness is actually a scheme to obtain more toys than her mother can possibly organize or keep clean. And it's working.
        Thank you for not holding a grudge against our con-artist daughter,
         Her hood-winked parents


Anonymous said...

Well, Abigail & DeLaynie must be related. :) We've come home with balloons from the zoo, presents from friends here, candy from perfect strangers, etc. When I ask her why they gave her those things, she responds, "They just love me." Right now, I think she thinks the world exists for her. :) Cute post!

~Summer M.

Anonymous said...

She is the cutest beggar I have ever seen and who could refuse that face!


Project 365 said...

Speaking of, I found the ball that she begged Mrs. S for the day I picked the girls up. :) One more thing for you to clean and find a spot for.

cwanjiku said...

this is lovely