Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Big Girl Hair-dos!

With school about to begin, I decided to get the girls' hair cut. This decision may also have something to do with the fact that I'm tired of the hair brushing battle. I mean, hair? Really, hair? I'm just trying to keep my sanity here.

The girls loved the experience. In fact, DeLaynie had a difficult time keeping still. (Which is weird for her... Okay; not really.)

So, here's what you really want: Pictures!


Anonymous said...

My babies are growing up! DeLaynie looks so grown! I love the hair though!

The Pilston's said...

So stinking cute!

Kelly B. Pate said...

They look adorable. Don't feel too bad--my mom almost shaved my head when I started third grade because she was tired of hearing me whine about her pulling my hair, which was extremely curly and long. The bad part was that everyone at my new school thought I was a little boy! Ugh! Your girls have no fear of being mistaken for a boy--good job mom!

Leigh Anne said...

Love the new dos!!!