Monday, December 5, 2011

A Monday Without Zumba

I taught my last Zumba class last week. My certificate ran out, and I wasn't making enough to justify renewing it. I really enjoyed the experience of teaching classes, and I have gotten to know several wonderful women because of it. In all actuality, that was the primary reason that I started teaching in the first place. I don't have many opportunities to meet women outside of church, so I have to find ways to get into the community in order to be around other circles of women. Zumba was extremely effective at the task.

I met some fantastic women. They are so sweet, in fact, that they gave me an ornament and a good-bye party. Although the idea of freeing up some time to write and be with my family is really nice, I am going to miss the women with whom I have spent almost every Monday night for a year and a half.

Each phase has surprises of its own, and I look forward to seeing what the next phase holds.

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