Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Favorite Hat Pattern (Knitting)

I finally made myself a hat, and I have been wearing the mess out of it. It's a slouchy beanie style hat, but I can fold the ribbed edge and wear it as a typical toque. You can find the pattern here.

It's a very warm, versatile hat. It's loose enough that it doesn't mess up my hair too much. Depending on your knitting style, you may need to adjust needles or reduce the cast-on stitches to keep it from being too loose.


Ivana Watkins said...

Very beautiful. I've been crafting a lot, but didn't get around knitting yet :(. Gonna have to take a class or something. I tried learning from a cd I bought, but that just doesn't work for me lol.

Hannah A. said...

Ivana, I recommend a dvd called No Rules Knitting. It's intended for teenagers, but until I saw it, I couldn't even figure out how to cast-on.

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