Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 4: A little late, but close

It's almost 1:30 on Monday, but this will count as Sunday. The girls, Edwin, and I are heading to the beach tomorrow. Technically, we're going to his mom's tomorrow and the beach on Tuesday, but you get my drift.

I've spent the great majority of my weekend packing. I genuinely hate the entire packing ordeal. It kind of makes me want to stay at home, but I know that the girls need to experience life, or something like that.

The reason for the trip is that Edwin is teaching at a youth camp. One of his youth students from his first church is now a youth pastor. He married one of the students in the discipleship group I headed up. Edwin was pretty jazzed about the opportunity to teach at something like this. We're both happy to get away. DeLaynie loves to swim, and we're heading down early to enjoy some family time before the camp starts. Oh, and I'm going outlet shopping on the way down, but that doesn't excite me or anything.

I may not be able to write again for a while. I have no idea if the place we're staying has internet. I guess that I'll just get back to you as the opportunity comes.

Don't forget to dwell.

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