Friday, July 25, 2008

An Early Day 2

It's barely today, but I have no idea what the day will bring, so I'm going to go ahead and knock this one out.

I had my first birthday party since getting married last night, actually it was a few hours ago. The guest list was a fairly intimate group of church women along with my best friend, her husband, and my husband. It was a pleasant evening for all involved. That is, until sex came up. You could almost see my husband trying to walk the fine line between inappropriate and leading people to believe that he thinks sex is bad.

At one point, he felt that he must have leaned toward the idea that sex is dirty, so he made the comment, "Married sex is a good thing, and it should be enjoyed."

He seemed a little too comfortable, as did Brian, my friend's husband, so I added, "And he really believes that!" Edwin really is cute with a red face.

The full truth is that my husband and I really do enjoy this aspect of married life more than anyone we know. Granted, most people don't talk about their active sex lives with their pastors. They probably should. It all goes back to the belief that there really is something dirty with sex.

Toward the time to go home, one of the women said that we were the most fun pastor and pastor's wife that she knew. I guess that's because we aren't embarassed (or at least I'm not) that we "do it". Further more, we think you ought to work at it. So... go to work, married people!!!