Monday, August 10, 2009

Dieting vs. Healthy Choices

I'm back to the old world of counting calories, walking in endless loops, and crunches. You see, the stress of our current situation has caused me to gain a few pounds. Okay, that's not accurate. My lack of self-control and complete inability to say, "No, thank you," in reference to anything chocolate has caused me to gain a few pounds, though I did use the stress as an excuse in my own mind.

To some, the idea of constantly counting calories seems unhealthy. These are generally the same people who really enjoy exercising and have a hard time understanding that someone who doesn't isn't necessarily a lazy bum. They are those annoying people who intuitively make healthy choices. Some say that this is a practiced skill. I tend to think that there must be a genetic component. I know that it sounds like I am insulting this particular group, but that's just a cover-up for the fact that I wish I were one of them.

I don't just make healthy choices. I either count every calorie, or I gain weight. It's my estimation that my life is bound to be an endless cycle of these two phases: Counting calories- chocolate insanity- counting calories- chocolate insanity. I am trying to improve my chances of going from the Dark Side of enslaved to diets to The Force of healthy choices by using Sunday as my day to practice. I don't count calories on Sunday because that is the day that we eat with family and hang out with people. It's on these days that I try to make better choices, but not diet.

Rabbit Chase: Hardee's salads are not salads. They taste good, but are not healthy, and cannot be considered a healthy choice. I thought that I had chosen a good option until the darn thing came out in a fried shell, covered in cheese, and dripping with a mayo-based dressing. I've learned my lesson, but it really did taste good. (What? We'd already paid for it!)

For now, Sunday will be the only day that I don't plan my meals hours in advance. I have a plan in place for increasing the number of calories I get per day as I lose weight, but I hope to eventually become one of "them", those obnoxious people who just make better choices.


Gregory Byrd said...

My daughter is one of those annoying and I....are twins! I find that if I am counting calories and purposely watching what I eat 1) I am hungrier 2) I eat even more than I ate before I was dieting! 3)if I eat breakfast...I am hungry all day..opposite of what they tell you to do.

I have fought this battle all my life. Now at 46 with ZERO metabolism, I don't eat breakfast; try and eat a small snack for lunch and eat dinner with the family. I try and eat smaller portions too. Am I successful in weight loss??? No. And i don't like to exercise....the key to it all! Sigh......

The Pilston's said...

After starting a workout bootcamp, making "healthier choices" is becoming easier. Mainly for the sheer fact that if I eat the same crap I always do it literally hurts the next day while working out. My problem is I don't like the way healthy stuff tastes. I'm supposed to be getting a lot more fruits and veggies, so I am trying new veggies hoping to find a few more I like (right now my fave is green beans, esp. when you cook them with fat back!).

Let me know if you have any suggestions for "healthy choices".