Saturday, August 1, 2009

Different House, Same Town

We moved yesterday. The deal with the old house was that we could stay until that church found a pastor. They found one, so we moved about ten minutes down the road to a different house that belongs to the local Baptist association. The arrangements were a little complicated because it's a two bedroom. Ella is a terrible sleeper, so we decided to put her the master bedroom, and we're sleeping on a mattress in the floor of the den for now. There are times to push your kids, but this ain't it. This isn't even our last move, so transition is the name of the game for a while longer.

DeLaynie was a little unhappy to realize we're staying here. She keeps telling us that she wants to go home, no matter where we are. I wish she'd tell us where in the world home is, because we have no clue. There's an up side in all of this: we are gaining a biblical understanding of "home," along with our girls. (Anyone else hear "We Are Not Home Yet" by the great Stephen Curtis Chapman? I think that's our theme song for the moment.)

We're doing well, though. We're still debating on what our plan is. Hopefully, that will be made clear in the coming weeks. That's our prayer: clarity. It's been a bit lacking the last few months. Everything has a purpose, and we know that. We're clinging to it, actually.

The good news is that this house is able to feed off of the Internet at the association. We now have high-speed! Maybe that'll help in feeling a bit more connected to the outside world.


Julie said...

Hannah - I am amazed at the grace with which you are handling this situation. God is using you to show others that it is possible to be as Paul says "content in all circumstances". I pray that God will grant you & Edwin not only clarity but a fresh revelation of the work He has for your family. I also pray his richest blessings of peace and security for your precious girls. Your blog is always such a blessing to me. Thank you,

Erin Myers said...

I just wanna say I enjoy your blog! I pray things start getting easier for you

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh sweet have the most positive attitude. I agree with you on not pushing the girls...we are living in that world right now. I am trying to look at most things with attitude/mood as a small battle...their little bodies can only take so much. We love you so much and ache for you to be here with us (I even miss Ella's crying but that no longer works on keeping my girls quiet! )

Praying God gives you the direction you need. Brian and Felicia have two churches who need a youth pastor. I will get you in touch with them and give them your e-mail addres. love you.