Monday, August 31, 2009


The church voted yesterday, and extended to him a call as pastor. (I don't know why ministry terminology is so cryptic.) He accepted, and we are now in the village that we now consider home. Well, Edwin isn't. He's trekking to Alabama for all of our earthly belongings.

(Hey, wait a minute! Did she say village?) Yes, that's right. Small towns in this neck of the woods are called villages. I, of course, find this utterly adorable. I would like to see the scale for what's a village, what's a town, and what's a city. The villages here would be towns in Alabama, and the towns would be relatively major metropolitan areas. I guess that in comparison to New York City, it's hard to consider anything a city.

Well, DeLaynie starts school for the third time in 2009. I have to admit, though, this new beginning is a little more anxious for me. It's a public school, which is a new experience for the Attaway fam. I can accept that, though. It's the sheer amount of time that she'll be away from me. She will attend a special education program from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. That's 30 hours+ every week! I'm not so sure I'm going to breeze through this transition, though I am absolutely positive she is going to adore her new schedule. It's a very good program, and I know that it will enable her to make lots of developmental strides. But I'm still going to miss my baby.

I hope to get some pics posted this week. Things have been pretty crazy, so I just haven't thought about it too much, but I have every intention of snapping plenty of shots of my girls this week.

Allow me to say how grateful I am for this new adventure! We love the people here, and we are extremely excited about the work God is planning for the area. Keep praying for us and the lost of North Country.


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Rachel said...

That's AWESOME!!

Oddly enough, one of our best friends just also got called to a Church in Washingtonville, NY - I think Edwin has heard of him or knows him (He used to be a traveling youth speaker - still is a little) - Jarrod Jones.

I wonder if you guys are near each other?? That would be awesome to have a Southern Pastorly Support Group, or maybe more importantly, a Southern Pastor's WIFE Support Group!!! :)

Nina D. Casteel said...

I am very excited for you all and will continue to pray for you.I know that you both are anxious about getting Gods amazing word out there.I will continue to pray for DeLaynie and her progress.Always know that I am here for all of you.Take care and God Bless!!!!!

The Pilston's said...

exactly where in NY will you guys be? Now even more of a reason for us to make a northeast visit! I'm glad you guys have landed. DeLaynie will love school and now you will have a support system in achieving her goals! Can't wait to see pics!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh I am so happy for you that my heart is just bursting with happiness!

DeLaynie will love school and I am praying for the best teachers for her that they can zero in on what she needs. I am so happy for your family....squeeze my girls for me....I miss you all terribly;)

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The Carpenter Life said...

Wow, that si awesome and such an answer to prayer!! Can't wait to hear more about life in northern NY...I promise to try my best not to be too jealous. I have always wanted to live in any part of the east coast...VA is as close as we have gotten, thus far! Hope the transition oges smoothly for you all!!!


Anonymous said...

Hanna, hope this goes through. As a senior adult, I am having to learn about blogs. I have enjoyed keeping up with you and your little family as you have traveled the paths that God has walked you through. You are all in my prayers.
Judy Dennis

DELTA said...

Hannah -

I'm so excited that you are here in our little village, and I look forward to getting some time to actually have an opportunity to meet.

<>< Ashley