Friday, November 20, 2009

Cookie Making

After Halloween, WalMart had their fall cookie cutters on sale, so I bought a set. Last night, we finally got around to pulling them out and baking some cookies.

DeLaynie was very excited about flattening out the dough and pressing shapes.

Ella was very excited about touching the dough to her nose and smashing her hands into it violently.

I made frosting in various colors, but it was almost bedtime by the time the cookies were cool enough to frost them. The girls were a little too anxious to eat the heads off the turkey shaped ones to care about the frosting element.

This is the only semi-decorated cookie, and I'm the one who decorated it.

This is the most dramatic result of the cookie making process, a dirty kitchen. The biggest result is the fact that all four of us sat down and made something together, giggled at the headless turkeys, and had a good time making a big mess.


Anonymous said...

I can tell 1 big little girl had a great time. As usual, Ella is her stoic self! Thanks you made my day and I needed that today!
Love you all, Gigi

The Byrd's Nest said...

lol......what great fun.....what a good mom you are Hannah;)

Leigh Anne said...

Cute! Looks like good family fun! BTW, I need your new address so I can send you a Christmas card.

Anonymous said...

This might be my favorite post, picture wise.