Thursday, November 5, 2009


Edwin performed a wedding a couple of weeks ago , and the lovely couple gave him an authentic Braves away game jersey. (And, yes. We are still in mourning over the World Series. Please don't bring it up.) Edwin was extremely proud and excited. He kept showing everyone in the family, even the dog, his new favorite shirt.

He made such a big deal about it, in fact, that DeLaynie thought that he was playing dress up. She got excited and said, "Come on Dad! I dress up!" They went upstairs and picked out some things for her to wear.

She's pretty proud of her new look, isn't she? She even managed to walk across the room in Daddy's shoes. It took a while, but she did it.

In Ella news, she has reached a new point in her development. She now has more than enough hair to create a serious case of bedhead. We are very proud, of course.

Suzu, our puppy, isn't really doing anything, except being adorable. Ella actually thinks her name is "So Cute!" because DeLaynie said it so much when we first brought her home.

Life is pretty good here in our little village. Cool weather has begun. I think that I may be the only one here who is excited about it, though. Well, DeLaynie likes it. She loves saying, "Ooooo. It's so cold. Brrrrrr!" And it isn't even winter yet. Thanks to the generosity of friends in Alabama and here in New York, we are pretty well-prepared for the coming cold. We are so grateful for the kindness God's people have shown us!


The Pilston's said...

The bedhead is priceless, the Bravos jersey is priceless too!

Anonymous said...

I love the hair and the dress up party you all had! Sounds like memories to me and good memories at that!!!! Love you!

Rachel said...

I love the bedhead! And the jersey is too cool!

The Byrd's Nest said... Ella's bedhead!

The jersey is way awesome! I love it!

Your family is building so many memories there...I am so thankful you are at a place where they are pouring out God's love to you my are so deserving;)