Monday, December 21, 2009

My Beautiful Girls, Before Their Beauty was Temporarily Marred

My girls have been struggling to channel their natural beauty since they began struggling with pink eye (Ella) and some random rash (DeLaynie). Both are on the mend. Until they return to their full gorgeosity (I know it's not a word. No need for a dictionary. :), I'm going to give you a few pics from before their respective illnesses struck them down.

Ella loves to snuggle with her b.f.f. Suzu.

In an effort to make sure that ther are pictures of me in the collection, I'm always taking pictures of myself with the kids. Here are two of them.

I think I'll leave the final thoughts to my wreath, and simply say, "Merry Christmas!"


The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh I love seeing you Hannah! I am so sorry both girls are so sick...poo! Praying they get well soon and they don't pass it around anymore;)
We love you and your family and pray you have a fabulously blessed Christmas! (that may not be a word either;)

Julie said...

Absolutely love the pictures of you with the girls!!! so beautiful, I know you are enjoying your parents being there so I will just close with "Have a very blessed New Year".

Charlotte said...

Those are gorgeous pictures of your beautiful girls. You're good at taking pictures of yourself. Those look really good!