Monday, December 14, 2009

Shape Ups vs. Easy Tones

I am asking for a pair of athletic shoes that are supposed to burn more calories and engage normally under-used muscles as a Christmas present. I have a pair of Fit Flops that I love, but it's just too cold for me to wear flip flops 365 in North Country. I'm debating between Skecher's Shape Ups and Reebok Easy Tones. I have to admit, I'm leaning toward Shape Ups because they don't feel the need to show a naked woman's back in their ads. (I appreciate that, especially when that commercial is showing on ESPN. I mean, come on!) But I wouldn't mind actually knowing which brand works better. I'm closing in on the time that I need to make a decision.

Do we have any owners? Can anyone tell a difference? Anyone have a preference?


Hannah A. said...

Apparently, not.

The Byrd's Nest said...

I would comment but.....I never wear anything but sandals or flip flops:(

the Mama of the Peas said...

I had no idea they even had shoes like this. Let me know if you get some and if they work! :)