Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our First Kiddie Play

For some reason that I do not know, the company that leases the church a copier has standing tickets to almost anything that takes place at The Olympic Center in Lake Placid. Edwin called me with much excitement to let me know that we had gotten free tickets to see Curious George Live! Last night we headed to Lake Placid to see the show and enjoy a family dinner at the finest of restaurants.

After stuffing our faces with french fries, chicken nuggets, a Big Mac, and a salad for Mommy, we enjoyed a little play time before time for the play.

Then we headed to Lake Placid. After oooing and ahhhhing at the sights of Lake Placid (It is really beautiful, and they have real stuff there, like a Gap Outlet, Bass, and Starbuck's!), we headed into The Olympic Center to sit down and get ready for the show.

We went in way too early. It was 35 minutes between the time that we initially found our seats and the time that the show began. Much too long! So the girls climbed the stairs (which I loathed by the end of it. I really should have worn sensible shoes.) and ran around.

Finally the warm-up lady came out. She encouraged the children to scream loudly for George to come out, which DeLaynie took as a warning.

And the show finally began!

There were a few parts that the less cultured members of our party were confused by,

like the dancing meatball lady,

But all-in-all, the girls were well-behaved, the show wasn't nearly as painful as a kiddie show could have been, and we all had great time. Except for the meatball lady. She shall never forget (what I hope is) her first acting gig.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was better than 'Disney on Ice' that Big D and I will never forget. I am glad you all had fun!!