Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Play Time!

We wanted to meet with a couple about a camp pastor gig Edwin excitedly took on for this summer. They have four girls in tow (ages 4-12), so with the addition of our two girls, there are a lot of girls when our families get together. We decided to meet at the local playground, which would have been brilliant, except that there is no bathroom. With seven potty trained females, that should have caused me to re-think this plan, but I didn’t. I know. I’m a real genius.

We had a great time anyway though (granted, my girls had no need for a bathroom while we were there.) You’ll notice that DeLaynie has a bundle of dandelions in almost every picture. She absolutely loves these smelly little buggers, so she spends a large portion of her time weeding the universe.

Ella, being an Attaway child, loves the swing these days.

They both love climbing through the labyrinth of a playground.

And here, of course, is the obligatory photo of me with a child. I promise that I was not strangling her, no matter how it looks.

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The Byrd's Nest said...

All so beautiful! Oh this playground makes me miss ours in Texas....and why why why do they never build potties near the playground? So strange...must be men that are in charge of these developments...we mom's would SURELY budget for a potty! lol (and sometimes just for us;)

I don't think I knew Ella was potty trained....way to go my sweet girl!!!!!

DeLaynie looks ever so beautiful with her sweet little dandelions....you look so great Hannah!