Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ella Goes to Mimi School, and a New Tradition

Ella journeyed into the world of society today. She began her new routine of part-time daycare at what shall henceforth be called Mimi School. (The kids call my daycare owning friend "Mimi".)
I took a large amount of time thinking about Ella's outfit for today. DeLaynie actually wore this last year. It was tight on her then, which is good because she was a year older than Ella is now.

Unfortunately, DeLaynie wasn't helpful in documenting her experience in this outfit. This is the best picture I could find for comparison.

Ella was excited about going to Mimi's house for school.

This is Ella's backpack that her Gigi bought her. Isn't it the cutest backpack that you've ever seen?
I decided to start a new tradition this year, and crochet each girl something for her first day of school. Ella got a bracelet...

and DeLaynie had a headband. Hopefully, I'll remember to continue this made up tradition next year.


andiewade said...

cute! i want a crocheted-by-hannah headband :)

The Byrd's Nest said...

I LOVE the headband too!!! And the backpack...I remember DeLaynie wearing that outfit...that makes me a little sad:(