Monday, October 31, 2011

Dressin' Up and Showin' Off!

DeLaynie wanted to be a princess this year... just like last year. I'm almost willing to bet she's going to want to be a princess again next year. I went to and looked for a princess costume on clearance, and a Snow White dress fit the bill.

Ella wanted to be everything that she saw. She wanted to be a puppy, a monkey, a piggy, a princess... and then I shut my computer. Then I found a butterfly costume on clearance, and made the suggestion. She went for it! I was pretty happy about the situation. (So was she.)

Uncle Micah won "Most Confusing Costume" at the fall festival. Okay, not really. But only because we didn't have a contest. He was actually Prince Ronald from one of the girls' favorite books, "The Paper Bag Princess".

Ella always enjoys the games at the fall festival. She also enjoyed the perks of being the pastor's daughter and grabbing way more than the standard amount of candy per turn.

DeLaynie doesn't like the games as much because her favorite thing in the world is a bounce house. But she likes the games and getting candy enough to take a few breaks.

"Look! Lemonade!"

Sassy little princess!

We had a great time, and now the girls are thoroughly asleep. I'm currently taking parent tax (i.e. raiding the kids' candy stash).


The 'Smarty Pants' Family said...

Stumbled onto your blog. Cute kids, and cute post :)

Barb B

global sales said...

tis the season to dress up and show it off! thanks for sharing