Friday, October 28, 2011

Hat Season!

It's fall in Northern New York, and that means that it's time for headgear. (It also means that I'm constantly saying things like, "It's almost Christmas!" and "I can't wait for snow!" But that is a totally different subject.) As a yarn nerd, I crocheted a couple of hats for the girls in September.

But one day we were walking through WalMart's yarn aisle, and my brother, Micah, saw a book of patterns for slouchy beanies which evoked the reaction, "Oooooooooo. Slouchy beanies!" We bought the book and some yarn. Then I started looking through the book, and realized that all of the good patterns are for knit hats. That was a bit of a problem because I had tried to learn to knit, and it was a no-go.

I started a crochet pattern, but I never fell in love with it, so I pulled out the computer and headed over to Youtube for some knitting lessons. After watching several videos on the basics of knitting, I started playing around with a super-simple beginning knitter hat pattern. Although it's a little bigger than I had hoped, the girls both really love it.

Now, $50 in knitting supplies and more hours than I care to admit later, the world's most expensive hat is finally on the needles! I hope that it's wearable after this crazy-long process, but the effort should at least communicate that I love my brother, even if it won't keep his head warm.


Rachel said...

That hat is adorable!! I love it. I think knitting and/or crocheting is something I would really enjoy doing... if I ever found the time to learn. I also have a problem with paying attention to long YouTube videos, so unless Ali learns and then teaches me, I think I may be out of luck.

Katie said...

I LOVE to knit!!! Are you on If not, it is a great place to get free patterns. Also if you get addicted knitpicks has some amazing interchangeable needles and cables. By the way it looks like you are doing great!