Friday, November 25, 2011

$20 for 3 Christmas Windows

The second blog in the Imperfectly Pinterest Series.

After looking through several ideas on the Better Homes and Gardens website and friends' Pinterest boards, I decided to give myself a challenge to see how far I could stretch $20 and change when it comes to Christmas decorations.

I started with this:

This is what I was able to purchase, mostly from Dollar Tree:

(The lollipops were to reward my children for being semi-patient while I calculated, recalculated, and recalculated again.)

I used the directions from this tutorial that a friend of mine pinned on her Pinterest board to create a mini-wreath. I cut the wire hanger in two to make the wreath smaller because I didn't want to use that many ornaments, and I didn't feel like a large wreath was needed.

 I seriously debated the gardland, but I have decided that I like it around the curtain rod and a part of a bow. Here is how the window turned out:

I noticed that there is a trend in hanging ornaments everywhere, so for a simple decoration on the kitchen window, I wrapped the curtain rod in some ribbon that was left over from my wedding and hung a few ornaments at varying lengths. I have to say, it looks much better in person.

One of my favorite ideas from was to hang ornaments in picture frames. The round ornaments in the frames are also left over from my wedding. The middle angel ornament was given to us as a wedding gift. The frames were originally black, and I wish I would have just bought them in white, but I didn't, so I painted them.

I hope that your decorating is off to a great beginning, or that it will be when you get to it. I also wish you a pepper-spray free holiday season. I mean, seriously? Does that video game cure cancer or something? Okay, ranting over.

Happy decorating, celebrating, shopping, eating, and (oh, yeah!) worshiping Christ this Christmas season.

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Grt idea for Christmas decoration!