Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pique Your Pinterest

I recently joined Pinterest. I have mixed feelings regarding the new social media. On one hand I really don't like the fact that there is a new guilt-tripping mechanism that is trying to force me to spend every waking moment organizing, cooking, decorating, and crafting. Actually, I'm not totally sure that there would be time for sleep if I tried to tackle every project that brought on guilt.

On the other hand, the holiday season has a strange way of making me wish that I could build a table from a door or cook the perfect Christmas turkey for $3 a person.

This brings me to a place where I am trying to wade through the ridiculous projects in an attempt to find the accomplishable ideas that will actually benefit me and my family... as opposed to making more work and covering my entire home in glitter.

You are invited to join me on this tumultuous journey through the domestic battleground as we begin a series that I have affectionately titled, "Imperfectly Pinterest."

1 comment:

ourvapor said...

Yay for the series! My feelings exactly.

Love you guys :)