Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pictures from a New Home

"I still get to cheer for the pretty elephants on Saturday, right?" (That's an Alabama football reference, for any out-of-state readers. Oh, and Roll Tide!)

Yes, I am still stuffing an almost teenage size DeLaynie into a baby stroller. I would admit the fact that she's just too big, but it makes me a little weepy, so I prefer to live in denial.

They took turns running frantically with the stuffed penguin and elephant, and they never actually fought over it, shockingly enough.

This is one of those pictures where I see a smile coming, but can't quite get my camera aimed properly. A crooked smile is still a smile.

My little girls, managing to not run into each other, oddly enough.

This one is such a ham.

Ella, bless her heart, is still a little wobbly when trying to keep up with DeLaynie. She spent most of her time getting up after falling to the ground.
Today was a perfect day, weather wise. The girls had a wonderful time playing outside. I'm sure it would have been more fun had Daddy been around. (We miss you, handsome!) The church members have taken wonderful care of us in Edwin's absence, and the girls seem to really love it here, as do their parents.


Brooke said...

I cannot believe how big Ella is!!!! She still looks just like you. Her hair is getting so cute!

Marian said...

What beautiful little faces!! Love the one of them "coming & going" and not running into each other!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Ella just looks so much older....maybe it's her is longer and a little straighter...I don't know she looks TOO old!

DeLaynie looks so incredibly happy! I am so happy the church is already taking care of you guys.

Chuck Wade said...

yeah, they're huge! Edwin hasn't called me yet. If he drives all the way there and doesn't call me once please inform him that we are no longer friends.