Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feeling Old

My mom and dad saved a dress that I remember wearing when I was DeLaynie’s age. It was my favorite Sunday outfit, and now DeLaynie loves it, too. Yep. I feel old.

In other news, Edwin and I were very excited to bring home a new addition to our family...

lawn furniture.

We got it all set up yesterday, and now we’re basking in the glorious comfort of outdoor lounging.

For a little while, at least. The girls enjoyed the box that it came in more than the actual furniture.

I, however, grabbed a blanket and enjoyed my chair. Boy! I do feel old!

But it was a Pooh blanket that I swiped from DeLaynie. Maybe I have a few more fogey-free days left...


Anonymous said...

I love the dress! Do you have a picture of her standing up in it?

I love the lawn furniture-very pretty! I know you will enjoy it and I can believe the girls were enjoying the box-the best gift of all!!

Thanks for sharing!!!


The Byrd's Nest said...

I love that dress and what a special item for her to have....I love sentimental things like that:)

I LOVE the lawn furniture....those colors are SO you! Of course, the huge box would be the most popular item with my girls too;)