Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Gotta Business!

I am now a business woman, sort of. I haven't made a dime, but I have a website and business cards. That's pretty close, right? I have the privilege of filling in for Cindy (my favorite Zumba® instructor) on Monday.I absolutely love Cindy for bringing Zumba® to town. She's been wonderfully supportive. I appreciate her tremendously! I am so excited to see if I can survive my first class. And nervous. But that's obvious.

I'll start my own classes on May 1st. I'll be getting a business license and everything! The name of my company is Too Fun To Be Fitness. Say it out loud. Sweet, huh? Click here to visit the site and check out the information regarding the classes I'm starting. Let's pray that I can earn back the cost of training!


The Byrd's Nest said...

You will be awesome!! are already awesome:)

KK said...

I need a video because I can't make it to NY every week...seriously....and...You go, Girl!