Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring is Here! (at least for a little while)

So you want pictures, huh? Well, we got 'em! It was extraordinarily warm this weekend, hitting the high 80's! Many years, it's still snowing at this time of year, so this was absolutely remarkable. We all enjoyed it. Even I didn't mind the heat, and we don't have an air conditioner!(This may not mean much to you if you don't know me, but I tend to stay in the nice, cool, air conditioned indoors all summer.) It's amazing how good it feels to be warm after months of cold. DeLaynie was all dressed up and ready for Easter when she received this hat and purse set. She would stand in front of the full-length mirror and say things like, "So stylish," "I need some blue eyeshadow," and turn around and say, "What a beautiful back I have!" Apparently, that stick is her walking stick. We're not sure where that concept came from.

See that pink? That's how the girls of the Carpenter (my mom's side) family prove that it's warm. Who needs a thermometer?

The girls received gift cards to WalMart for their birthday, which I parlayed into sand toys.

Saturday afternoon, we had our family Easter egg hunt. The girls had a great time. Ella, once she got the concept, ran around the yard yelling, "So happy!"

Easter morning came, and thanks to Edwin's dad and stepmom, the girls were completely outfitted, right down to purses, which they swapped randomly throughout the day.

I just love the sweaters!

After church we enjoyed the hospitality of not one but two wonderful families! We are so grateful for all of the love we receive here.

Ella absolutely loves chocolate labs. This family has two of them, and she squeals for them once we pull into their driveway.

This family included several kids, so we were able to hunt for more eggs, though my kids weren't as motivated as some of the others.

But Daddy made up for it.

All-in-all, it was a lovely holiday weekend! The cold may return (we've been warned about this possibility), but we're enjoying the break. Thank You, Lord for the sun, and for the True Light of the World!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures!

They are beautiful! I love their dresses and sweaters!

And Hannah-you look great!!!


His Jules said...

Absolutely Beautiful!! The day, the pictures, and your family!!

I agree with your Mom Hannah - You look marvelous!!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh so beautiful! I just love the longer length Easter dresses....and the sweaters are darling! I love DeLaynie's smile and the little sweet dimples in Ella's elbows:)

Hannah you really DO look wonderful! I am so proud of you because I personally know how hard this is to accomplish...although...you have a much stronger will than me:)

The Pilston's said...

You are shrinking and Im afraid you are going to blow away! You look fantastic!