Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ella Discovers A Bad Word (sort of)

Last Thursday, Ella began saying the word, "stupid" repeatedly. She wouldn't stop. No good reason. Just blurting it out and laughing hysterically. Finally, we discussed that this word was not a nice word and that she shouldn't use it. She didn't get the message apparently, so she went to time-out. If (okay, when) she said it while in time-out certain unfortunate measures were taken. But she just didn't seem to understand that she wasn't supposed to say that particular word, and its humor only seemed to grow.

We thought that it had to do with being around other kids... until that night. I had the startling revelation that it was, in fact, due to the scene in Beauty and the Beast when Beast is getting ready for their big date, looks in the mirror, and humorously states that he looks, "stupid." And it IS funny. It isn't meant to hurt another person's feelings. It was just a statement of opinion.

But I told her not to say it, so discipline was required, even if her intent was pure silliness. Sorry, world, for blaming you for the effects of our choice of entertainment.

Incidentally, she hasn't said it since that day. Apparently, it isn't as funny anymore. DeLaynie never even understood what she was saying, though it was as clear as day. DeLaynie's response was, "Ella said 'pig costume!'" Apparently, she is just that innocent of a soul.


Anonymous said...

Toy Story says stupid, idiot, and moron a million times. My kids started saying them about a year or so ago. I told them they were bad words. They stopped doing it but it got confusing for them. Anytime anyone would say the words they would freak out about them saying a bad word. But there is times where it's o.k. to say stupid. I have tried....tried being the key word....to explain to them when it is o.k. and when it is ugly. Sawyer gets it but Lola struggles a little.


andiewade said...

lucas has radar ears for the word stupid. we've been watching charlie brown christmas and that word is in there about 156 times. he was bad about saying it all the time, but he apparently got the message that it's a bad word, but now he flips out and talks about how we "don't say stupid!" for about 10 minutes after the offensive word was uttered. i tried to explain that some things in this world are indeed stupid, but let's just make sure not to ever say that about another person. i guess that's a little complicated for a 2 1/2 year old male, but what can you do?

The Byrd's Nest said...

You know what I have noticed? Almost all Disney movies whether princess or others say the word Stupid and Idiot oh and shutup..ouch. My grandmother used to threaten us with soap in our mouths for all of those. And Lottie used to do what Lucas did and tell us over and over again that "said word" was bad. She did finally outgrow it..whew!