Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Hath Come!

I love the fall here. It's a beautiful time of year, with the changing leaves and the changing temperatures, it's a great time to pile the leaves and take a dive, as demonstrated by Ella.

DeLaynie was excited to discover the fall festivities when she got off the bus.

She loves to play in the leaves as well, but she prefers the pile-building to the pile-jumping. We've really got to get the kids a rake.

I love the fall!


His Jules said...

this post made me want to quit working and run home to rake some leaves up to jump in myself. Autumn is my favorite season!! The girls are growing so big and so beautiful!!! As always, thanks for sharing your life with us!

andiewade said...

i'm really missing big piles of leaves right now! and by the way delaynie looks like a teenager, and your profile picture is gorgeous :)