Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Festivity Photographic Fun

One of our first fall projects was painting little pumpkins. Both girls really enjoyed it.

My biggest fall craft involved crocheting bazillions (okay, twenty) of four-inch long candy corns as goody bags for DeLaynie's class. It was my own idea, so I have no one to blame but myself for the sore fingers. But aren't they cute?

DeLaynie's first field trip was yesterday. The customary first field trip at her school is a trip to the local gardening center where they grow pumpkins, apples, corn, herbs, and every kind of flower. They also have bees that live in what they call an "observation hive." I'm not an expert, but it looked a lot like a kitchen cabinet with a glass door that was drilled shut. It was a very attractive and effective way to look at bees in their habitat, although I question how natural of a habitat it is.

There was a room full of hay. Most of it was arranged into a maze that they then draped a large black cloth over. I joined DeLaynie on her excursion to make sure she didn't get too nervous half-way through. It wasn't even a slight issue, though I got a little claustrophobic. I think that I may have accidentally insulted the very nice owner of the establishment when I finally exited the maze and announced, "I believe that the assertion that this maze is big enough for adults may be false." I wasn't insulting the maze so much as my own width, but the other adults didn't seem too amused. Oops!

At the end of the trip, each child got to choose a pumpkin. DeLaynie was really excited about her choice, but it was very windy and getting colder by the minute, so she wasn't able to get a great picture.

Tonight we made cookies. DeLaynie was pretty methodical.

Ella was more on the giddy side.

Then Mommy temporarily misplaced her common sense and decided to use glitter to decorate some plain-looking pumpkins. 

They had fun, but it wasn't very effective for the pumpkins. They aren't plain anymore, but they have a kind of Las Vegas look to them.

When Edwin got home (to a glittering house, I might add), he read Green Eggs and Ham to the girls. Being a drummer, he added some funk to the finale, which turned into a drum concert starring Edwin and Ella. She loves being loud with Daddy.

The next step in our series of fun is the fall festival on Sunday. DeLaynie is going to be a princess. Ella is going to be a dragon. Mommy is some sort of Peter Pan/ Little Jane (as in Little John from Robin Hood fame) character.  (I'm not sure who I am exactly, but who does?) Daddy is going to be a baseball player because that's what he always is. Ya gotta love a consistent man!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a very good week!!!

I love you, Gigi

The Pilston's said...

DaLaynie's hair is getting SO long!