Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ella's Awesomest Moves

Ella loves to dance, if you can call it that. Most of the time, her "dancing" involves two basic moves.

There is the "bend slightly forward in an attempt to jump move".

And the "wave your arms back and forth without any effort to control them" move.

Obviously, both are pretty amazing...

or at least Ella thinks so. :)

But it's not all about the way-too-cool-for-you dance moves. It's also about "the look". I would love it if you could pretend like the background didn't exist. I was hoping I could somehow remove the mess behind her, but I couldn't manage that before the picture was taken, and I couldn't do that after it was taken, either. We're in the middle of yet another move, so I'm sure that you'll "pardon our progress". ;)


Julie said...

She is absolutley precious and the background makes her more so. It just looks like she has been busy! Enjoy these days - they disappear too quickly.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Go Ella...go Ella! I could just squeeze her...I realize I say that every time but I REALLY could just squeeze her!

Where are you moving to now?