Friday, October 23, 2009

A Few Mini-Updates

Edwina is doing much better. She is somewhat conscious, though still a little out of it, and is improving everyday. The Lord is good, isn't He?

DeLaynie continues to go to school, and her sentences are improving. She answers questions a little bit better. Unfortunately, Edwin leaving last week caused her to regress in potty-training. We're hoping (and praying) that some stability (as in, staying in one house for more than a month or two) and time will improve the situation, as well as reinforcement.

Ella gets bigger, sassier, and smarter everyday.

Our church is holding an "All Fun, No Fear" Fall Festival this Friday. I have the girls' costumes, and am fighting the urge to put them on them and take pictures before the festival. I'm afraid that they'll ruin them, though. Thus, I refrain.

Christmas is coming, Southern Baptists. Remember to include Lottie Moon (annual international missions offering that takes place around Christmastime) on your gift list. I'm working on a post of ways to incorporate missions giving into your celebration. Look for it soon!

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The Byrd's Nest said...

I am so thankful she is doing better. Poor little DeLaynie she just loves her Daddy so much doesn't she? Such a special relationship.....and that Ella.....little firecracker!