Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fun With Suzu

Edwin and DeLaynie went to the store, and I had the opportunity to take a few pictures of Ella with our new puppy, Suzu.

No, Ella wasn't knocked down by a three-pound puppy. Suzu just saw the opportunity to jump on her after Ella fell down on her own.

They seem pretty friendly here...

but then Ella goes and pulls this stunt. A very large portion of my day is spent saying things like, "Put Suzu down!" "You can't pick up the puppy by her tail!" "Stop pulling her ears!" "That hurts Suzu. Would you like it if someone dropped you?" So far, Suzu has survived, and even seems happy in her new home. (Don't ask me how that is possible.)

Another one of Ella's prize-winning faces. (Okay, so she hasn't received an awards yet, but she will.)

When Edwin and DeLaynie got home, we all played in the leaves for a little while. Edwin began tickling DeLaynie, and then Suzu wanted in on the fun.

Unfortunately, Suzu doesn't have fingers with which to tickle, so she just licked DeLaynie into submission.


Anonymous said...

ok it has been 2 months and I am having withdrawals. I told Dad last night how much I want to see you all. But he said I had to wait til Christmas!! What a great present that will be!!!!
Love the pictures!!

Julie said...

Too cute!!!! I am so glad to see you all doing so well and so happy. God is good! Please let Edwin know that we are praying for Edwina.

The Byrd's Nest said...

LOL....what a sweet post. I absolutely LOVE Ella's mouth wide open as if she is saying..."what...I'm not doing anything?" Ha! The little stinker;)

At least the Suzu will be really adjusted to children. I think it is good you are letting them pick her up and handle her this much. It will teach all three of them!

Hannah A. said...

There's no "letting" to it. I tried desperately to keep the girls from picking up poor Suzu, but it was futile. I've decided to go with the "we'll teach them how to pick her up" theory. It's not working too well, either!