Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update on Edwin's Mom

I talked to Edwin a few minutes ago, and he said that Edwina continues to improve. They are going to try to flip her from her stomach to her back. They have reduced the oxygen level in the ventilator to 85% (it was on 100%). Her vitals remain stable, and continue to improve. Thanks for the prayers. She isn't completely out of danger, but she is improving steadily.

The girls and I are doing fine. DeLaynie returned to school this morning after a Columbus Day/Native American Day break. I was happy to have her home for a few days, but she really missed school.

We all miss Daddy, but he's where he needs to be for now. Keep Edwina in your prayers as she continues to fight. Pray for the family as they fight alongside her. Our God holds the battle, and the war, in His hands.

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