Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Camp Pictures, As Stolen from Other People on FB

I didn't take a single picture at camp. I'm pretty sure that this makes me both a lousy mother and a lazy photographer. But things were busy, we lost our kids at least once an hour, and there were plenty of cameras around. After looking around Facebook for pics taken by friends, I have come up with enough pictures to satisfy grandparents for at least a day or two while I get a chance to pull out the camera and do my long-distance daughterly duty.

Edwin and I really flour football for youth events. It involves filling knee-highs with flour and using the product as a football. DeLaynie and I took the "footballs" that had been used to the point that they were no longer functional and wrote on the blacktop. She also enjoyed throwing it as high as she could and watching it hit the ground with a thud and a puff of flour smoke.

I used the stroller some, especially when I was losing my patience with chasing the kids around. It should be noted that this is a sit-n-stand type stroller, so it is completely acceptable that Ella is standing.

I had the privilege of leading girls' Bible study. It was definitely my favorite part of camp.

I have no idea what is happening here, but Ella seems pretty concerned.

Yes. DeLaynie is wearing a sweater... at summer camp. It may seem crazy, but we're in the North Country, and that means that temps can get very cold in the morning, especially next to a lake. Summer is no exception.

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GoodBook said...

Hey, Robin here

The one of Ella, from the looks of it you're at the spider web. If I were her, i'd be concerned to. And also take note, not only were we next to a a lake, but we were also in the mountains. So take another 10 degrees off of that amazing high temperature that summer usually offers.