Friday, August 27, 2010

School Year, Come Swiftly

Most kids are back in school already. Our school year doesn't begin until the day after Labor Day. My dad finds our schedule very patriotic. All I know is that the summer is beginning to wear on me.

This year we decided to put Ella in a friend's daycare two half days a week. With DeLaynie gone from 8-2 every day, she was beginning to have a serious case of Only Child Syndrome, with symptoms of selfishness, whininess, and dependency. DeLaynie doesn't help the situation. She is incredibly patient with Ella, and only comes to me if Ella has caused severe pain or comitted an act of great injustice. She rarely takes matters into her own hands.

I'll teach a Zumba class one of the mornings that Ella is in daycare, but the other morning? It's open. Completely open. Edwin has Mondays off, and Ella will be gone until noon! We'll have four hours every week that our's. All our's. (Insert evil chuckle here.)

This is why I say, "School year, come swiftly!"

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