Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heritage Day

The neighboring village has a celebration every year called Heritage Day. The church has a booth that gives out free popcorn (the kind made in a movie theater type machine, yum!), water, and newspaper hats. We joined in the fun, taking in a parade and hanging out with church members and other villagers (Yeah. I like calling people villagers.).

The girls were pretty anxious for the parade. Ella dealt with her impatience with quiet annoyance. DeLaynie stuffed her face with popcorn.

The parade began, and the girls waved at the people, horses, tractors, firetrucks, and floats.

In typical parade fashion, some people threw treats. DeLaynie liked her ball.

But Ella decided it was her turn to stuff her face. (You can probably see some goo from the candy in the earlier picture of Ella and I. She is lovely all covered in gunk, eh?)
It was a fun first Heritage Day for the Attaway clan.

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The Byrd's Nest said...

I have always thought Ella was lovely covered in junk...:)

My girls miss the parades in our "village".....love you!