Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Kindergartener!

DeLaynie began kindergarten today. The excitement was somewhat tempered because of her previous school experience. She's been in school for two years, but this will be her first year completely mainstreamed. She won't have an aide to make sure that she interacts. She will be receiving therapy for speech and motor skills, but she is in full-out kindergarten for a vast majority of the day.

For comparing/contrasting purposes, here is a picture from her first day of school last year:

And this is a picture from her first day of school in 2009, when she was just three (that's Ella's age!):

And here are the scarily big girl pics from today:

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Anonymous said...

Gigi is so proud of you! I was as excited as you were so I couldn't wait until I got home from school to see if Mom had posted pictures and of course she had. I hope you had a great first day of Kindergarten-Gigi's favorite grade!!! I will call tonight to hear how your day went.
I love you, Gigi