Friday, September 2, 2011

Asthma's Stupid

Somehow, it was completely lost in the shuffle that our middle foster child has asthma. (There's a reason that God created families, not case files.) It was no one's fault in particular, but the poor kid went over a month without a single breathing treatment. The first clue that we got was a simple cough that quickly turned into a pair of crackly lungs.

I've had absolutely no experience with asthma, and Edwin (my childhood asthmatic husband) was out of town. His birth mom called on Friday to see if he'd received a breathing treatment to help clear his lungs. I was taken aback. He has asthma? Good grief!

Thus we spent last Friday night in an ER so that we could get him on breathing treatments immediately . He went to his regular pediatrician with his mom on Monday, who decided to put him on FIVE breathing treatments a day. I'm sure that such procedure is completely necessary since he hadn't had a single treatment in more than a month, but...

Picture trying to get a 2 1/2 year old boy to breathe in magical, healing steam while the other four kiddos run around frantically. Obviously, he doesn't appreciate my concern one bit. Just as obvious is the opportunism that the other children show during these times of distraction. It never ends with a cleaner house than when it began.

Because things are typically so quiet and easy to manage...

Did you buy that? Yeah, me neither.

These little things are slowly piling up to create a massive mountain (made mostly from laundry) that only faith can move.

Thus I now proclaim:
Asthma is stupid!

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