Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Commissioning

Today is the commissioning service for the missionaries with whom we trained. Congratulations! Obviously, we wish that we were next to you today. We desire nothing more than to be getting on a plane in two days. That just wasn't God's plan for us. We are glad, however, that it is God's plan for you. We are honored to know you. You are in our prayers. (For those of you who are not missionaries, you should know that those being sent are incredible people. They are worth every penny that we Southern Baptists invest in them.)

As for us, we have a few leads, but nothing particularly promising. We are sure that God has something for us out there. We look forward to finding out what, exactly, that is.
We designed a prayer card of sorts, though we didn't want to pay money to have them printed. I figured that I would just share it with you this way:

In other, far less eternally consequential matters, potty training is going much better. She is using the potty seat all by herself now. We are going with the nudist approach, not that you really needed that image burned in your brain. We are very proud of our little Laynie Bug.
Summer is in full, muggy swing here in Alabama. I've determined that Alabama is a more lovable state when in a long-distance relationship. It's just so hot! I know, we were going to move to Nicaragua, which is somehow hotter and more humid. Somehow it's less bearable without fried tortillas.
DeLaynie loves the kiddie pool her Granny 'Wina (Edwin's mom) bought her. We love that there's a backyard to put it in. Ella doesn't care for it, though. She seems pretty freaked- out about it. They also have an inch-worm sprinkler. Ella likes it a little more, but DeLaynie is more fond of the pool. I hope to have some pictures soon. It's hard for me to remember to take pictures right now. If I ever finish a crochet project, you can be sure I'll remember to post a picture of it. But I wouldn't count on that. It probably won't happen.


The Pilston's said...

we need to meet up again!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Awww...that is a great prayer card. I really love that picture of you guys. Neal made sure we all had your address....he and Leanne are just as sad as all of us. We love you friend.

Kami's husband (I can't remember his name) shared the sweetest story about Edwin being his prayer warrior and praying for him and his family and all of those weeks never mentioning that all of you needed prayer. What a humble guy you are married to Hannah. He began to cry at the end of his story and then Chuck tried to stand up and say something about his small group but could hardly speak because he missed you guys so much. There was hardly a dry eye in the house.