Monday, June 22, 2009

Housebound (and pictures, too!)

We're going to be home this week. All the time. We're using this opportunity, with two stay-at-home parents, to get DeLaynie potty trained. I've made the commitment that until DeLaynie is completely trained, or until church Sunday morning, we will be here.

Progress? Well, 4 successes and 0 failures for the day so far! Maybe we'll get to leave the house before church on Sunday!

Well, I figured out that I can compress the pictures and upload them, even on dial-up. So, here are pictures. They're in no particular order, I'm afraid. I just couldn't move them. I don't know why, but I dedided that I shouldn't push my luck.

DeLaynie, lounging in the grass, just daring a tick to get her.
Edwin and DeLaynie yesterday after church. That girl is a daddy's girl to the core.

Ella, looking out the window. This picture has no significance. I just liked it.
DeLaynie and Ella riding on the gardening wagon at Granny and Pa's house. The first thing she said when we went outside to the lovely backyard was, "Where's the wagon?"
Ella and her good friend, the straw.
My dad and Ella.
A family picture.

Edwin's dad, Bill, and Bill's wife, Cindy. Oh, and our girls.

Edwin and his dad.


The Byrd's Nest said...

These are all so great. My fav's are of course....Daddy and his girl true she is a Daddy's girl. And oh the picture of Baby Ella with the straw....I truly truly miss that smile and her hugs each day:(

andiewade said...

oh hannah, i miss you and your family deep in my soul.