Friday, June 19, 2009

There Is No Common Thread For This Post

I have some fabulous news! No, we don't have a job. I'm not totally sure that the English language has an adjective to describe such an announcement. But, we do have internet! It's slow, good, old-fashioned dial-up, but it works, and I am now able to blog from the den of our mission house.

Moving on...

We received a package this week that made us especially happy. It was an envelope full of prayer cards from missionaries who are leaving for other countries. Some are leaving tomorrow. Some have already left. Others are going to be delayed for a while because of legal issues with their visas and other hold-ups. We now have a photo album full of 4o cards representing 40 families and individuals who are sacrificing their ideas of normal for the sake of Christ.

Today we went to Dothan to see my grandparents, the girls' great-grandparents. The girls had a great time. Unfortunately, it was just too ridiculously hot for the girls to spend much time in their gorgeous yard. DeLaynie still remembered the garden wagon that she so enjoyed in February, and she asked to play on it. She only lasted a few minutes, but she really seemed to enjoy those minutes. I'll post some pictures from today when we have the pleasure of high-speed internet.

Don't forget Father's Day this Sunday. And don't eat any Tollhouse Cookie Dough, even if you cook it. There's a recall on it due to E-coli. Just a thought to ease you into the joy of the weekend. Though, what is a weekend without raw cookie dough?

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The Byrd's Nest said...

Sigh....I love raw cookie is better than the actual cookies!

I got really excited when I began to read but internet is good and you at least feel connected to people again....or at least that's how I feel. We are praying praying praying my sweet friend!