Friday, June 5, 2009

On The Road Again

It's obvious, cheesy, and completely over-done, but it's what's happening in the Attaway universe at this moment. We are spending our second night in a hotel this week. This time we're somewhere in Georgia. Edwin thinks that we may have scared some neighbors away because he saw them leave the room around 6 o'clock tonight. My girls are loud enough to scare travelers away; I'll give 'em that.

We insisted on staying somewhere with an indoor pool last night. We thought that DeLaynie would like it. She most certainly loved the pool. She loved it so much that removal from the pool area resulted in a tantrum that could be considered excessive, even for a young lady at her age. She eventually calmed down, and when she did, she went to sleep quickly. So, obviously, we made sure that our hotel tonight also has an indoor pool. Judge us as you will. They only got twenty minutes of pool time in tonight, but we plan on spending some time splashing around tomorrow morning before we leave.

Edwin did me the huge, sanity-saving favor of giving me some time out by myself. There's an outlet mall right down the road from our hotel, so I went and bought a few (very few) things for the girls to wear this fall since we sold all of their fall/winter things. I also bought myself a pair of jeans from Banana Republic. "What?!" you say. "Why would you spend a ridiculous amount on jeans when your family is in the situation that you're in?" Well, the jeans were $11. I have one pair of BR jeans that I bought from another outlet with some birthday money, and those are my favorite. I made the decision that $11 for jeans that I'll wear constantly isn't that irresponsible. Judge me some more.

Well, Ella's going through my purse, and that has no potential for good things, and tons of potential for bad things. I should probably get to that. Don't forget to dwell.


The Pilston's said...

Never apologize for treating yourself! Where are you guys in GA? I miss the awesome shopping there.

The Byrd's Nest said...

You deserved some time away all by yourself....that was a great bargain...good for you!
So glad Delaynie enjoyed the pool....big hugs to my girls!